Golden State Mint Review: Are They Legit?

Are you thinking about diversifying your investment portfolio or interested in investing in physical gold or gold IRAs? Then the first thing you should think about is which company you should work with. Golden State Mint is a popular option for individuals who are looking to purchase physical gold, invest in gold IRAs, and other precious metals.

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If you are interested in investing in gold then many individuals will recommend you use Golden State Mint. But our team did a thorough review of the company in order to answer the question “Is Golden State Mint Legit?”.

Golden State Mint Review

In order to give a fair review of Golden State Mint, our team interviewed dozens of past customers, spoke to hundreds of online customers, reviewed the company history, and personally purchased gold from Golden State Mint. We have reviewed every aspect of Golden State Mint from their product quality to their customer service in order to provide you with all the information you need to know before purchasing gold for your investment strategy.

Let’s jump into our Golden State Mint review:

Is Golden State Mint Legit?

Yes, Golden State Mint is a legit precious metals company that has allowed customers to buy physical gold and gold IRAs for nearly 50 years. Golden State Mint, LLC is an accredited business according to the Better Business Bureau and has been give its official accreditation certification from the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau only gives accreditation to businesses that have been thoroughly vetted by the Bureau. This means that Golden State Mint is a legit precious metals company that has had their services, products, and taxes reviewed and approved by the governmental regulatory bodies that oversee them.

Golden State Mint Reputation

Golden State Mint has an overall good reputation within the precious metals industry. The business has been around for nearly 50 years and have developed a positive reputation within the industry.

They are known for collaborating with a wide variety of established organizations that range from the the Certified Coin Exchange, the International Precious Metals Institute, and the North American Collectibles Association. Golden State Mint has also lead dozens of trade-shows, speaking events, and other events to help promote and educate the public on the precious metals industry.

Golden State Mint has a good reputation among the precious metals industry and has been around for nearly 50 years.

Who Are Golden State Mint? Company Background

Golden State Mint (GSM) was founded in 1974 in Sanford, Florida by a family of precious metal connoisseurs. The have been in business for nearly 50 years and have built up a reputation of high quality service and products for their customers.

Over the years the years Golden State Mint has expanded their product and service offerings to provide customers with the opportunity to buy and sell gold coins, silver coins, physical gold bullions, as well as the ability to invest in precious metal retirement opportunities such as gold IRAs.

The current owner of Golden State Mint is Andrew Pavlakos who is currently based out of Lake Mary, Florida.

Golden State Mint Location

The Golden State Mint, LLC company is currently based out of Sanford, Florida but is known to operate locally in Central Florida. Golden State Mint also operates the majority of their business online across all of North America as well all around the world.

Golden State Mint Products & Features Review

One of the most important parts of a precious metals company review is to review the quality of the products and services that they offer. When you are shopping on the Golden State Mint website you will have the ability to shop for physical gold, physical silver, collectible coins, bullions, and much more.

Our team purchased a variety of different products from their website as well interviewed past customers to provide you an in-depth review of the products and services sold by Golden State Mint.

Buy & Sell Gold and Silver

One of the most popular products sold by GSM are physical precious metals. They sell a wide variety of different types of physical precious metals in different shapes and forms. This can range from rounds, coins, bullions, collectibles, and more.

Types of Physical Precious Metals Sold

Below are the most popular types of precious metals sold by Golden State Mint:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Copper
  • Indian Collectible Coins
  • Chinese Zodiac Coins
  • Antique Silver

Buy Supplies & Accessories

Along with buying physical precious metals from Golden State Mint, you can purchase a variety of different supplies and accessories related to precious metals.

Below the different precious metal supplies and accessories you can purchase from Golden State Mint:

  • Bar Direct Fit Capsules
  • Air-Tite Ornament Capsules
  • Medallion Coin Tube
  • Velvet Coin Bags
  • Coin Presentation Box

Minting Metals

Golden State Mint also provides a minting metals service which allows you to stamp raw metals into the form of coins or other shapes. GSM offers gold minting, silver minting, and copper minting. It is possible to have other types of precious metals minted but you will have to contact the GSM team for more information.

Below is a list of metal minting services and products provided by Golden State Mint:

  • Gold Minting
  • Silver Minting
  • Copper Minting
  • Buffalo Collector’s Items
  • Palladium
  • Platinum

Gold Options

Golden State Mint offers a wide variety of different types and shapes of gold to be sold. No matter what type of gold you are looking for, Golden State Mint will typically have it available for sale for you.

Below are the different gold options that are commonly sold by Golden State Mint:

  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Bullions
  • Gold Rounds
  • Fractional Gold
  • Gold-Per-Ounces
  • Gold-Per-Kilos
  • Assorted Weight Gold

Gold IRA & Precious Metal IRA

Golden State Mint has recently added IRA opportunities and retirement investment options into their product catalog. IRA are a great way of diversifying your investment portfolio and finding a stable long-term investment startegy.

Below are the precious meta IRAs offered by Golden State Mint:

  • Gold IRA
  • Silver IRA
  • Platinum IRA
  • Palladium IRA
  • Cryptocurrency Backed Precious Metal IRA

Golden State Mint Customer Service Review

Customer service is an area where Golden State Mint can see improvements. There have been a handful of customer reviews that have complained about their customer service. When you are buying or selling precious metals such as gold or silver then you expect a high level of customer service because of how expensive these orders can be. Over the past few years Golden State Mint has struggled with providing customers a high quality experience when they have questions.

On Facebook, Google, and the BBB we have seen multiple customers complain that they called and emailed the Golden State Mint team and nobody responded to them. This level of customer service must be improved in order to give customers the best experience possible.

Live Customer Service Chat

This past year the Golden State Mint team has incorporated a live customer service chat that allows users to immediately chat with their customer service support team. This new feature has drastically improved the quality of customer service and customer support on their website. These customer service agents will typically respond to your questions within a few minutes and help resolve any issues that you may have.

We appreciate this new feature and believe it will help to solve a majority of the customer issues that previously went unanswered.

Golden State Mint Shipping Review

Golden State Mint are known for providing a high quality shipping process for their customers. All customers are offered free shipping on all orders over $199 and often times will provide free shipping on all orders during promotional periods. If you are a first time customer then you might be able to receive free shipping depending on the current promotional the Golden State Mint team are running at that time.

Shipping Insurance

Golden State Mint offers shipping insurance on all orders no matter the cost of the order. This shipping insurance will protect your order from being lost or damaged in the mail. Damage or a lost package is uncommon during the shipping process but it is possible for it to happen so you always want to make sure that your order is safe.

Many mints and precious metal companies won’t provide shipping insurance so during our review we were happy to see that Golden State Mint does offer shipping insurance.

Golden State Mint Reviews From Customers

When you are thinking about purchasing from a new mint or precious metals company then one of the first things you should do is take a look at customer reviews to get an understanding of the opinion the masses have about this company. Golden State Mint reviews from Facebook and Google was one of the first things we took a look at during our review.

Overall, we noticed that most customers thoroughly enjoyed their experience with shopping from Golden State Mint. The company has a 4.56/5.0 rating on the Better Business Bureau and averages a 4.0/5.0 on Google and social media. Most of the complaints we have seen about Golden State Mint was related to the prices that they charge. This means if you are looking for a more affordable option then you should take a look at different companies.

a negative customer review about golden state mint on BBB
Above is a negative review about Golden State Mint that was published on the BBB website.

Overall, most online customers have left a positive review of Golden State Mint but there is always room for improvement when it comes to customer service, prices, and customer experience.

Golden State Mint Discounts & Promotional Deals

The Golden State Mint team is known to offer the occasional discount and promotional deal depending on the time of the year. They will typically offer exclusive discounts for individuals who opt into their email newsletter as well as promotional discounts during the holiday periods. This means you can expect to see a discount code promoted during Black Friday, Christmas, and other holiday periods.

Golden State Mint will also offer a military discount that allows active U.S military members to receive up to 10% off their first purchase. They also offer weekly deals and promotional discounts for those who are interested.

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