Does Gold Trade On Weekends? Gold Market Trading Times

The worldwide gold market has unique trading hours and times that can make it difficult for beginners to understand when they can buy or sell gold. There are a few different variables that will impact if you are able to trade. This could be related to the type of gold you are trying to trade as well as the time of the day or the time of the week you are trying to trade.

In this article you will learn if you can trade gold on weekends and learn more about the international gold marketing trading hours.

Does Gold Trade On Weekends?

Gold does trade on weekends but it depends on the type of gold you are investing in. Each type of gold has different regulations and trading hours. Some types of gold such as gold in its physical form can be traded at anytime of the day or any day of the week, but other forms of gold such as gold ETFs, gold stocks, or a gold IRA can only be traded during the regulated trading hours.

Below are the different types of gold and more detail on when and where they can be traded. Only some of these types of gold can be traded on the weekend.

Physical Gold

Gold in its physical form such as gold bullion, gold jewelry, or gold coins can be traded from one person to another person at any point in time regardless of hour of the day or what day of the week it is. Physical gold doesn’t have any limitations from governmental agencies or trading agencies.

This means an investor can buy or sell physical pieces of gold at any time of the day or at any point in the week. You can trade physical gold on the weekends or on the weekdays as long as both the buyer and the seller are willing to complete the trade. It is possible that the gold dealer might be closed on the weekends but this will vary based on the individual dealer, broker, or shop that you are working with.

Some popular places to buy physical pieces of gold are from local dealers, local individuals, online brokers, precious metal exchanges, or even pawn shops. We highly recommend you only purchase physical gold pieces from reputable dealers or brokers. If you don’t have much experience purchasing gold then you should only purchase from reputable companies such as Augusta Precious Metals or JM Bullion.

Gold Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA)

A gold IRA is an individual retirement account that focuses its investment strategy around holding precious metals for the long term. Many of the regulations that a traditional IRA has are the same with a gold IRA but instead of investing in papers assets, your gold IRA will focus on holding precious metals. A gold IRA can be a great investment strategy that has proven to be reliable for long term investing and is often used as a way to diversify your investment portfolio.

The IRS has a set of regulations and rules when it comes to when you can trade or edit your IRA or other retirement plans. This will vary slightly based on the type of retirement plan you have as well as where you live. It is important to work with a reputable gold IRA as well as using a professional bookkeeper or accountant to help you receive the maximum tax benefits from this type of retirement account.

Gold ETFs and Gold Mutual Funds

Trading gold ETFs or gold mutual funds are a great way to invest in the gold market or precious metals market but also allows you to diversify your investment across multiple stocks, portfolios, or investment strategies. These investments are typically known to be investing into the gold market as a whole and less about investing into an individual stock or business.

You typically won’t be able to trade gold ETFs or gold mutual funds on the weekend or past market hours as these will follow the stock market hours. The regular stock market trades from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET on weekdays and is closed for individual investors on the weekends. The market will also have pre-market trades hours from 4 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on weekdays but will still be closed on weekends.

Gold ETFs and Gold Mutual Funds will not be able to be traded on weekends.

Gold Mining Stocks and other Gold Stocks

It is possible to invest in gold miners as well as other individual gold companies. This can range from the Newmont Corp. (NEM) which is the largest gold mining companies in America but you could also invest in smaller gold related businesses that are publicly traded.

When it comes to gold mining stocks and other gold stock options, you will only be able to trade these stocks during the standard stock market hours. This means you will not be able to trade gold stocks on the open market on the weekends or after the day trading hours. The standard stock market hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET on weekdays and is closed for individual investors on the weekends.

International Gold Trading Hours

Typically physical gold can be traded on weekends or at any point in time all across the world as there aren’t any regulations between when physical gold such as gold bars, gold bullions, gold coins, or gold jewelry can be traded. Gold stocks that operate on the international stock market or smaller markets will have more regulations on when you can trade. Typically, you won’t be able to buy or sell gold on the weekends if these options or traded on public markets.

The exact times and regulations of when you can trade gold will vary based on where you are trading, the type of gold you are trading, the time of the day you are trading, the day of the week you are trading, and more variable. It is important that you check with your local trading regulatory body or exchange prior to planning your future investment strategies.

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